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We’re the peak body for gender equity, women’s health and the prevention of violence against women

Our Work

Gender Equity Victoria (GEN VIC) is the Victorian peak body for gender equity, women’s health and the prevention of violence against women. We evolved from the Women’s Health Association of Victoria (WHAV), which was formed in 1994 as a peak body for the women’s health sector.

Now, GEN VIC works with a broad array of organisations across Victoria – including government, peak bodies and public, community and private organisations – to advance a shared vision of gender equality, health and freedom from violence for every woman and girl in every community across Victoria.

Our purpose

To advocate, influence and collaborate to improve outcomes in gender equity, women’s health and in the prevention of violence against women.

Our role

In line with our vision we will:

  • ensure women’s voices are integral to policy, legislation and services
  • deliver and support coordinated and evidence-informed women’s health promotion activities
  • facilitate collaboration and partnerships.

Our approach

GEN VIC recognises that health and wellbeing are more than the absence of disease, illness or injury. Many broader social, cultural, political, environmental and economic factors affect women’s health, and so we work collaboratively to redress these factors.

Gender equality is a core determinant of health. We take a gender equitable and feminist approach to our work, advocating for resources and services to be directed towards those most in need, to ensure equal outcomes for all. We advocate for equality for all women, including those living in rural locations, living with disabilities or with HIV, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, immigrant and refugee women as well as women from LGBTI communities.

We recognise gender equality as a human right and a necessary precondition for the prevention of violence against women and women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Our first priority is to identify and change systems and structures that place women at risk of disadvantage and poor health. To do this, we value and build on the leadership of women and women’s organisations, and work together to reduce all forms of discrimination that intersect with gender inequality.

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