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We’re the peak body for gender equity, women’s health and the prevention of violence against women

Advance gender equity

Gender equity is the vehicle through which we can achieve gender equality. By recognising diversity and disadvantage, and distributing resources based on need to produce equal outcomes, we can help to achieve equality, wellbeing and freedom from violence for every woman and girl in every community of Victoria.

Women and girls in Victoria, and across Australia, experience significant inequality. To achieve gender equality we have to remove the structural barriers to equality and change norms, behaviours and practices that perpetuate inequality and gender stereotypes. It is a long-term goal that requires consistent effort across the entire state. It cannot be done in isolation and will demand cross government, multi-sector, community and business partnerships.

Safe and Strong, Victoria’s Gender Equality Strategy provides a framework and focus to guide action to advance gender equity. Implementing the strategy within government and the community will drive success.

GEN VIC member organisations provide leadership, expertise and coordination in advancing gender equity at a state-wide, regional and rural level. Together, GEN VIC members support innovation, share resources and avoid duplication of effort as we advocate for social change and bring the benefits of gender equality to Victoria.

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