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We’re the peak body for gender equity, women’s health and the prevention of violence against women

Prevent violence against women

Change the Story, Australia’s national framework for the prevention of violence against women, identifies that violence against women is likely when:

  • Violence against women is condoned
  • Men’s control of decision-making, and limits to women’s independence, in both the public and private spheres is allowed
  • Rigid gender roles and stereotypical attitudes to masculinity and femininity are promoted
  • Disrespect towards women and male peer relations that emphasise aggression and disrespect towards women are supported.

We can stop this violence before it occurs by promoting gender equality, challenging violence, supporting the empowerment of women and girls and building respectful relationships. Safe and Strong: A Victorian Gender Equality Strategy and Free from violence, Victoria’s strategy to prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women are a significant foundation on which to build concerted prevention efforts.

GEN VIC is committed to redressing the drivers of violence against women in our state and we support our members in working to prevent violence using a coordinated, evidence-based approach.

For information about the impact of violence against women in Victoria and Australia, visit our statistics page.

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