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We’re the peak body for gender equity, women’s health and the prevention of violence against women

The Harm of Gender Inequity

Gender inequity is harmful to the physical, mental, emotional and economic health and wellbeing of Victorian women, men and gender diverse people. 

 It is the primary cause and key driver of gendered violence, especially violence against women. Poor attitudes and behaviours towards women, such as sexist jokes, language and the objectification of women, as well as the application of rigid gender roles and stereotypes at home, in the workplace and in community, creates the foundation for threats, abuse, harassment and violence. 

Gender inequity leads to poor health consequences for all Victorians, but especially women and gender diverse people, who face sex and gender discrimination at work, at home and in community. Health consequences include both physical and mental health impacts of inequity. 

Gender inequity leads to a persistent gender pay and superannuation gap as well as a higher risk of poverty for women, who face lifelong economic barriers as a consequence of unequal, gendered beliefs and attitudes towards paid and unpaid work and the sharing of parental responsibilities. 

 Gender inequity drains the wealth and productivity of women and, in turn, the wealth and productivity of the State of Victoria. 

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