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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

Defining Equity 2022: Gender Equity Practice and Exchange Conference

Defining Equity is GEN VIC’s flagship gender equity conference. Following the success of Defining Equity 2021, GEN VIC is bringing the event back for one day virtual event on 5th October 2022.

Defining Equity is the only conference in Victoria tailored for people working to advance gender equity. It brings together the voices of local and national experts and leaders in gender equity through a series of, keynote presentations and panel discussions. It also provides an important opportunity for gender equity champions to connect, learn from each other, and consider big ideas to amplify our collective impact.

The event comes at a critical time for the gender equity movement because to advance feminist activism we must focus on practical solutions to the issues that create gender inequality.

Key themes to be covered at Defining Equity 2022 are:

  • Safety and respect
  • Gender equal economics
  • Gender equal health
  • Strengthening the gender equity sector

This conference encourages all participants to address the explicit connections between gender inequality, other forms of inequality and violence against women. The conference provides evidence-based guidance on how to address these specific gendered drivers and reinforcing factors by encouraging all to work with government and non-government stakeholders, the private sector, civil society and communities on how to lead, coordinate, resource and support effective prevention efforts across Australia to ensure gender equity is achieved across all sectors of society.

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Our Keynotes

We’re pleased to announce our first two keynote speakers, Dr Niki Vincent the Victorian Public Sector Gender Equality Commisioner and Lizzie O’Shea Founder and Chair of Digital Rights Watch Australia. With the Gender Equality Act coming into its second year, and an increasingly complex online arena for gender equal safety and respect, these two keynotes are more prescient than ever for gender equity practitioners.

Our Key Addresses

We are also joined by The Hon. Natalie HutchinsVictorian Minister for Women and Education who will join us for a Ministers Address. And as always, we will be hearing from our CEO Tanja Kovac who will be sharing the work of GEN VIC and our hopes for 2022 and beyond for this growing movement.

Our Panel Themes

Gender Economic Justice: The Gender Equality Act and Critical Transformation
The session will explore the development of GE audit work stemming from the Gender Equality Act legislated in 2020. Panellists will be asked to critically reflect on their progress, any resistance or backlash, and steps they need to take to improve gender equality and diversity in public sectors as well as improvement for women’s economic security.

Gender Equal Health: Public Health, Pandemics and Beyond
How well is Australia doing to make progress in gender-equal health, particularly, but not only, with the continuing effects of COVID-19. This panel focuses on what pre-requisites we need to secure for true gender equal health policies and practice, including universal healthcare, economic support, and full participation in public life free from violence.

Safety and Respect: Gendered Cyberhate, Democracy and Representation
Gendered online harassment is a serious problem in Australia and across the world. Research has consistently shown that women and gender diverse people are often targets for violence including online harms whenever they hold positions of authority or power, particularly in politics. This panel explores the impact of gendered cyberhate on our democratic system.

Strengthening Gender Equity: Making Her Visible – Commemorative Justice in Australia
Place names represent power and presence. Building the Gender Equality Movement requires women’s visibility and addressing the imbalance in recognition of women’s contributions to places. Commemoration is the start of transforming our public places into safe and inclusive spaces that equally share the achievements and stories and celebrate our diverse community.

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