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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

Gender Equal Economics

Australia educates girls and boys equally – it is number #1 in the world for gender equal education. But it does not sustain that equality in the workforce, with a 70 point drop in the latest World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Index Rankings. When it comes to providing gender equal workplaces, economic outcomes and opportunities, women in Australia are falling far behind men, creating pay gaps, gender segregated workforces and leading to increased risk of poverty across the life-course.

Many current economic orthodoxies – about endless growth, the value of gross domestic product and industrial restraint – are underpinned by gender inequality. Entrenched gender inequities are embedded within financial structures and institutions, making it difficult to address other issues of discrimination and disadvantage.

We’re working towards:

  • Special measures to address women’s economic disadvantage caused by care responsibilities, insecure work, unequal pay and gendered work segregation.
  • Recognition of the gendered nature of COVID and targeted investments to build a gender equal economy.
  • Investment in community based, grassroots projects to alleviate poverty

We’re working to make sure gender equal budgeting forms part of all government decision making. Through our yearly budget analysis we set out exactly what the economic and fiscal impacts of both the state and federal budgets on women and gender-diverse people. We’re a key voice in the push towards a gender equal economic for Victoria.

2022/2023: From Recovery to Resilience

In GEN VIC’s State Budget Submission 22-23, our members call for innovations that will guard against both of these concerning trends after a disaster, calling for investments that create jobs equally for men, women and gender diverse people rather than investing in gender-segregated job creation. COVID-19 has been a public health disaster and it needs public health led recovery.

2021/2022: Towards a Gender Equal Recovery

After a tumultuous year for Victorian women, where they lost jobs at a greater rate than men, reduced their super balances and carried the burden of essential care work and home schooling, the submission sets out six priorities for government spending: Gender equal job creation, boosting women’s health services, gender responsive budgeting architecture, Imagining a care economy, creating a gender and disaster workforce, and strengthening gender equal communities.

2020/2021: Back on Track

Gender Equity Victoria has released its inaugural budget submission as the peak body for gender equity, women’s health and the prevention of violence against women, to get Victoria’s gender equity investment Back on Track! To correct historic underinvestment in gender equity, GEN VIC calls on the Victorian government to increase its 20/21 Budget to $21.6M to Strengthen Gender Equity in the Community and to Boost Women’s Health Services.