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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

Gender Equal Health

Unequal health opportunities pose a very real threat to health and wellbeing of people in Victoria, especially women. Despite ample data and information about health crisis experienced by women at a state, regional and local level, investment and coordination to address the priority issues remains poor.

We stand for:

  • Gender equitable health outcomes for people, especially women, across all regions of Victoria in priority areas
  • A shift towards investing in health and wellness through health promotion and primary prevention, rather than acute medical responses
  • Women’s health organisations to be thriving organisations embedded in health infrastructure across the State

GEN VIC supports and coordinates gender equitable health and wellbeing of women in all regions across Victoria through its Secretariat and Research support of the Women’s Health Services Council. We also support a multilingual health education project (WOMHEn project) which employs migrant women to form a rapid responsive health workforce across Victoria.

"This Conversation is Not Over: Women's Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In partnership with all 12 women’s health services, GEN VIC has led a research project that interviewed over 115 women and gender diverse people across every region of Victoria to ask them about their experiences of COVID-19 and the impact this has had on their mental health and wellbeing. This consisted of 15 focus groups and 1 survey with women and gender diverse people.

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The Gendered Impact of COVID-19: Resources and Advocacy

In a series of factsheets exploring the impact of Covid19 on women and gender diverse people in Victoria, Gender Equity Victoria and its members are raising awareness of the deep and lasting impacts of disaster on women across the State.

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Our Health, Our Rights, Our Lives! Women say NO to the Religious Discrimination Bill

Women’s and gender equity organisations across Victoria have joined forces to oppose the Religious Discrimination Bill on the grounds that it risks women’s health and safety. Our Health, Our Rights, Our Lives! Women say NO to the Religious Discrimination Bill Campaign launched on 12 February 2020 outside the Fertility Control Clinic in Melbourne. The campaign builds on submissions and recommendations made to a parliamentary inquiry into the Bill by Women’s Health Victoria

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