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We’re the peak body for gender equity, women’s health and the prevention of violence against women

Member support

Gender Equity Victoria (GEN VIC) supports our members through advocacy, state-wide coordination and capacity building, access to information, events and forums, and tools and resources to support their work in gender equity, women’s health and the prevention of violence against women.

Practitioners, managers and senior staff can contact GEN VIC for support and advice to improve their practice and planning.


GEN VIC’S COVID-19 eBulletin: Gender, Disaster and Resilience

Pandemic and disaster have a gendered impact. At GEN VIC, we want to support our members through this time by providing up to date analysis on the current pandemic, the ongoing impacts of the bush-fires, and how we can best respond to this.

Our e-Bulletin comes out every Friday. It’s your one place to find out what the emerging pandemic and our responses to it could mean for women and gender diverse people.

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Edition 1 – COVID-19, Bushfires and Beyond

Edition 2 – COVID-19 and Violence

Edition 3 – Sexual and Reproductive Health During Pandemic

Edition 4 – Education and eSafety During Pandemic

Edition 5 – Health, Heroes and Human Loss

Edition 6 – Violence (Part 2), Victims Voices

Edition 7 – Workplace Equality After Pandemic

Edition 8 – LGBTQI Communities and COVID-19

Edition 9 – Snap Forward, Feminists

GEN VIC Newsletter

Members also have access to promotional support for their news and initiatives via GEN VIC social media and the bi-monthly newsletter. Read previous editions below.

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Edition 12 – March 2019

Edition 11 – February 2020

Edition 10 December 2019

Edition 9 – November 2019

Edition 8 – September 2019

Edition 7 – July 2019

Edition 6 – May 2019

Edition 5 – March 2019

Edition 4 – December 2018

Edition 3 – October 2018

Edition 2 – August 2018

Edition 1 – May 2018