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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

Safety and Respect

Due to gendered stereotypes and a history of acting out poor attitudes and bad behaviours, women and people who are sexually and gender diverse (LGBTQIA+) are disproportionally the victims of violence. Sadly, Cisgender men are also disproportionally the perpetrators, too, leading to poor mental health and engagement in the justice system. Nobody wins when gendered violence is allowed to flourish. Creating cultures of respect and safety, informed by the impact of violence on victim/survivor lives, is essential to ending the harm of gendered violence. Respect and safety strategies throughout the life course, in all settings, are required for men , women, non-binary adults and children.

We champion:

  • Cultures of respect and safety in all settings – decision making bodies, industries, workplaces, schools, business, public and community sector. and A reduction in gendered hate, whether within the family, between intimate partners, online, at work, in the street or in public life in Victoria.
  • An intersectional gender lens is placed on violence prevention, with a specific focus supporting outcomes for all women and trans/non-binary people.
  • Values-aligned peaks and sectors committed to the prevention of gendered violence working collaboratively to effect changes in public policy, legislation, health promotion and population-wide initiatives.

GEN VIC is focused on innovating our methods of responding to gender based violence, especially in those hard to reach spaces such as workplaces, politics, in the media and online. We’ve done this through our longstanding project ‘Enhancng Online Safety for Women’. We’ve also engaged in strengthening our community of violence prevention practitioners by providing training, resources and scholarships.

Building the Pool of Qualified Trainers Experienced in the Prevention of Violence Against Women Program

This Gender Equity Victoria Program responds to an urgent need to meet the upcoming demand for qualified prevention of violence against women (PVAW) trainers to deliver vocational education units in PVAW, gender equity and responding to family violence and other forms of violence against women. The program aims to increase the number of PVAW practitioners in rural and metropolitan Victoria who can deliver and assess accredited vocational units of study.  As a part of this program, we are offering scholarships to assist PVAW and Gender Equity trainers to complete their Certificate IV TAE 40116 in Training and Assessment.  Program participants also have opportunity to build their training skills and knowledge through a new Community of Practice.

PVAW Workforce Capacity Building

The PVAW Workforce Capacity-Building Project is a professional development project funded by the Victorian Government. This two-year project works with intermediate and advanced practitioners in the Prevention of Violence Against Women (PVAW) field. The project grew from the Government’s recognition of the complex skill-set required to deliver PVAW projects and activities, and the need to ensure a strong workforce exists to effectively deliver initiatives, as well as to support and mentor new workers into the field.

Under the Radar: Contemporary Challenges for Practitioners of Preventing Violence Against Women

GEN VIC brought practitioners together with other allied workers to “dive deep into an intersectional approach” to primary prevention of violence against women. It took a hard look at structural inequities and institutions, including colonisation, immigration and borders, housing and homelessness, policing and the criminal justice system, and our prevention of violence against women strategies. We also challenged our default assumptions about family violence exploring ageism, heterosexism and transphobia. We included presentations on older women in care, LGBTIQ+ folks, transwomen and sex workers.