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We’re the peak body for gender equity, women’s health and the prevention of violence against women

Strengthening Gender Equity

Gender equality advocacy is undergoing a profound shift from individual rights to collective responsibility. Victoria’s thriving gender equity movement has created an environment for nationally leading gender equity reforms such as family violence reforms, long service leave provisions and the Gender Equality Act 2020. GEN VIC, while external to government decision making structures, plays a role as critical friend and early warning system, helping to build capacity for government departments to deliver on their aspirations and achieve better outcomes. In this way, GEN VIC enables Victoria to contribute to Australia’s commitment to the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and Sustainable Development Goals focussed on gender equality.

Keeping governments, business and community organisations accountable for gender equity obligations is a key priority of all members.

We’re building towards:

  • A connected, coordinated and independent gender equity movement with collective impact – a unique combination of activism and entrepreneurialism
  • Successful implementation of the Gender Equality Act 2020 in Victoria with benefits extending beyond public sector entities to business, community and philanthropic sector
  • Monitoring and accountability for substantive and incremental shifts to Victoria’s Gender Baseline, including improving datasets and indicators and addressing intersectionality.

In collaboration with VLGA (Victorian Local Governance Association), GEN VIC launched the 50/50 Campaign to encourage women to run in local elections. The aim is to achieve equal representation at the local council by 2025.

GEN VIC along with other Gender Equality Avocates wrote an open letter to the members of the AEC Redidtribution Committee with an aim to consider to name the new electorate after Australian Women.



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