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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

COVID19 impact on jobs and financial security for Victorian Women still under the radar

Victorian experts will gather online today to reflect on how COVID19 is impacting on the lives of Victorian women and putting progress towards gender equity at risk.

Gender Equity Victoria’s annual Under the Radar conference, held for the first time on Thursday 6 August in a virtual zoom community, will explore the economic and employment impacts of COVID19 on Victorian women. The conference will investigate strategies that individuals, organisations and government can take alleviate the pandemic’s unequal economic and health impacts women and gender diverse people. This will build on the Gender Equity & COVID19 Joint Statement which has now been signed by 106 organisations.

“This is a difficult week for all Victorians, working together to reduce the spread of the virus in our community, but it’s especially tough for women who are losing full-time employment at a higher rate than men across the state (7.3% for women compared to 5.8% for men) and are shouldering more of the care, home education responsibility and risk of violence at home,” said Tanja Kovac, CEO of Gender Equity Victoria.

Victoria is leading the way nationally on gender equity with a gender equal Cabinet and a new Gender Equality Act coming into effect next year.

“Victoria’s leadership in gender equity will be critical to the state’s recovery plans from COVID19. The International Monetary Fund has found governments that close the gender gap deliver a 35% boost to GDP. Targeted strategies for women in Victoria, such as job creation in health, care and other women dominated industries, boost productivity and ensure economic stimulus benefits everyone, which helps us all” said Ms Kovac

Learning from other jurisdictions will also be important at the conference. Khara Jabola-Carolus, Executive Director of the Hawaii State Commission for the Status of Women, architect of a feminist economic recovery plan for the pacific island state, will deliver the key note. Hawaii’s is being praised as the best COVID19 performer in the United States of America, with the lowest number of community transmissions and death rate. The conference will hear how gender equality and respect for the wisdom of indigenous peoples, are helping drive policy, response and recovery efforts.

10:15-10:25am – Tanja Kovac, Gender Equity Under the Radar

10:25-10:45am –  Key Note: Khara Jabola-Carolus – Executive Director, Hawaii State Commission for the Status of Women


MEDIA ENQUIRIES.  Tanja Kovac, CEO GEN VIC, Ph. Mob 0419 910 577, genvic@genvic.org.au