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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

#DefiningEquity2021 Conference (10-11 August) to launch Safeguarding Women in Politics & COVID19 Mental Health Reports

Gender equity advocates at a local, state, national and global level will come together online today for #DefiningEquity, a conference exploring the big issues in gender equality with a focus on best practice and exchange, with the launch of two major reports.

Across a two day conference, the program includes keynotes from:

  • Dr Monica Costa on Gender Responsive Budgeting in a time of global fragility
  • Yasmin Poole On Being an Outspoken Women
  • The Honourable Gabrielle Williams, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Women and Family Violence Prevention

As well as panels on

  • Improving women’s economic security (with Georgie Dent, Dr Angela Jackson, Stacey Ong and more)
  • Transformational change through Gender Equality Acts (Dr Niki Vincent, Brynhildur Heiðar-og Ómarsdóttir & more)
  • Advancing gender equal mental health and well-being (Eman Al-Dasuqi, Marina Carman, Starlady & more)

The conference gives special attention to the challenges of protecting the safety of women at work from sexual harassment, bullying and abuse, with Kate Jenkins, Sex Discrimination Commissioner, reflecting on her groundbreaking report Respect@Work.

Followed by a panel addressing gendered hate and violence in political workplaces with former Members of Parliament and GENVIC Special Advisors Julia Banks and Trish Crossin and indigenous writer, feminist and activist Celeste Liddle, where GENVIC will launch its submission to the Independent Inquiry into Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces.

“As we head towards the National Women’s Safety Summit which will define the next decade of Commonwealth investment  in gendered violence prevention, it’s important gender equity champions with specialist expertise and lived experience come together to exchange ideas, share practices and demand greater action said Tanja Kovac, CEO Gender Equity Victoria

“Half the country might be in pandemic lockdown battling COVID-19’s dangerous Delta variant, but we haven’t forgotten who is bearing the burden of healthcare, vaccine appointments, home-schooling, the demands of working from home and pressure of reduced incomes and uncertain futures. The gender unequal impacts of the virus continue to impact on women around the world,” said Ms Kovac

Day 2 of conference will see GENVIC release its research into the Mental Health consequences of COVID19 on Victorian women, informed by focus group research undertaken across metropolitan and regional Victoria with women on the front line of the virus. “This Conversation is Not Over” explores the long-term mental health impacts of COVID19 women and makes policy recommendations for the future from people with lived experience.


Read the submission here

MEDIA ENQUIRIES:  Tanja Kovac, CEO GEN VIC, Mobile: 0419 910 577, genvic@genvic.org.au