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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

Facts prove Covid19 is hurting Victorian women more  – Gender Equity Victoria calls for a gender equal recovery

Victorian women have been hardest hit by the Covid19 pandemic with higher unemployment rates, less access to jobkeeper, greater responsibility for caring and unpaid work and significantly poorer mental health outcomes. However Government investment in strategies to help women has lagged behind other economic stimulus and support.

In a series of factsheets exploring the impact of Covid19 on women and gender diverse people in Victoria, Gender Equity Victoria and its members are raising awareness of the deep and lasting impacts of disaster on women across the State.

“Covid19 is a gendered health and economic problem leading to unequal outcomes for men and women. The unemployment rate in Victoria since pandemic lockdown has risen to 7.3%  for women compared to 5.8% for men. Women are shouldering the economic burden and this is happening in circumstances where women already have lower pay, less superannuation and job security.” Said Tanja Kovac, CEO of Gender Equity Victoria.  

The Gender, Disaster & Resilience: Towards a gender equal recovery factsheets explore:

Each factsheet calls for State and Federal Government to act now to limit the health, economic and social impacts of disaster on women.

“We need a gender equal recovery if we want to see women in Victoria rebuilding safely and securely after pandemic. This means getting gender equity investment back on track – its been too low for too long. State and Federal Governments must prioritise job creation, economic stimulus and investment that supports women to avoid a two lane recovery where men are on a fast track to new jobs and opportunities, while women are left languishing in the slow lane without support” said Ms Kovac

The Factsheets support the Gender Equity and Covid19 Joint Statement which has now been signed by 93 organisations across Victoria calling for 10 Things Government Can Do Now to address the impact of pandemic on women.

Infographics will be available in shareable formats.

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MEDIA INQUIRIES.  Tanja Kovac, CEO Gender Equity Victoria, Ph. 0419 910 577; genvic@genvic.org.au

Download the PDF of the Media Release here.