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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

GEN VIC welcomes ongoing commitment to equity for women but concerned about ongoing support for primary prevention of violence against women

Gender Equity Victoria welcomes the Andrews government’s ongoing support to address gender equity and family violence in our community.

“As the peak organisation for Gender Equity in Victoria, our members recognise the significant investment that the Andrews Government has already made to improving equity in our community and we recognise that this budget continues to build on that legacy,” said Kit McMahon, Chair of Gender Equity Victoria.

“The ongoing support of women across portfolios continues and we are pleased to see investment towards women with disabilities, LGBTI and multicultural communities – this recognises the intersectional nature of wellbeing and health.”

“While we are concerned that there is no new money for primary prevention of violence against women, we are looking forward to working with Respect Victoria and the Office for Women on supporting and leveraging existing funding to stop violence in our community.”

“Identifying the key priorities for future investment will be key to achieving this. Our members, including the regional and state Women’s Health Services, have over 25 years of experience in improving women’s health and wellbeing and primary prevention.  We see ourselves as partners in this work.”

“Having said this, the focus on holding perpetrators to account and changing behaviours is welcome as is the ongoing investment in implementing the reforms in the Royal Commission into Family Violence recommendations.”

“From a gender equity perspective, GEN VIC welcomes the 28.5 million in payroll tax exemptions that encourages employers to offer parental leave to both men and women.”

“For many of our members working in sexual and reproductive health we are delighted with the provision of free access in government and secondary schools for tampons and sanitary pads – this is a practical investment in addressing an everyday concern of girls across our community.”

“Further we welcome the investment in seeking greater access to IVF in an affordable and accessible way.”

“We look forward to our continued collaboration with the Andrew’s Government to ensure a future for every women and girl in every community of Victoria where they are equal, well and free from violence,” said McMahon.