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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

How do the major parties sit in relation to gender equity, women’s sexual and reproductive health and the prevention of violence against women?

With the federal election around the corner, Gender Equity Victoria (GEN VIC) has completed a 2019 federal election tracker to see where the Labor, Liberal and Greens parties’ sit in relation to our key priority areas: Advancing gender equity, promoting women’s sexual and reproductive health and preventing violence against women.

Throughout the campaign, GEN VIC has been tracking the parties’ official policy pledges. GEN VIC Chair, Kit McMahon states, “the tracker is a useful tool for organisations or individuals who are concerned about the impact that the 2019 election will have on women and children across Victoria and across the country”.

Standout promises include the Labor and Liberal party pledge to spend over $9 million to improve endometriosis research and treatment. A further commitment from Labor to develop a national approach to the provision of sexual and reproductive health services has been received with enthusiasm and includes a $9.3 million initial commitment and a promise to develop funding agreements to ensure the public provision of termination services.

On the prevention of violence against women, McMahon notes that, “the Greens have proposed a $5.3 billion plan over 10 years to have a nationally consistent implementation of primary prevention of violence, including with appropriate application to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, culturally diverse communities, LGBTIQ communities and people with a disability. This is the kind of intersectional approach that we need from our political leaders”.

Further, Labor has promised $90 million for community legal centres and Liberal have put aside $68 million for primary prevention strategies.

In relation to gender equity Labor will require all government departments to conduct gender pay audits and enforce gender-equitable procurement processes. The Greens have proposed gender budgeting and gender equity taught in schools. The Liberal party has proposed more flexibility accessing the government-funded parental leave pay.

“Next, is how to keep them to account and how to ensure that funding for primary prevention strategies is supported and resourced by all parties. Women across the country deserve to be equal, healthy and safe. We are in 2019 and these concerns have to be taken seriously when we go to vote”, said Kit McMahon.

GEN VIC 2019 Federal Election Policy Tracker

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