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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

Priorities for Victorian Government Action 2018-2021

One-hundred days out of the Victorian election, Gender Equity Victoria (GEN VIC) has launched its election advocacy campaign. The campaign, dubbed #vicvotesequity has four key priorities: to advance gender equity, promote women’s sexual and reproductive health, prevent violence against women and to support GEN VIC to become a sustainable peak body.

Susan Alberti AC, 2018 Victorian woman of the year, is a key ambassador of the campaign as is family violence prevention advocate, Rosie Batty. With other notable public figures on board, like journalist Maxine McKew, Western Bulldogs Captain Katie Brennan, comedian and author Nelly Thomas, and activist and restaurateur Hana Assafiri, the campaign will have maximum impact.

Developed in consultation with experts, Priorities for Victorian Government Action 2018-2021 urges the full and ongoing implementation of Safe and Strong, A Victorian Gender Equality Strategy, and the adoption of a gender analysis across government. It calls for the safe and accessible delivery of sexual and reproductive health services across the state, and for capacity to be built at the local level to deliver on Victoria’s key sexual and reproductive health priorities.

The campaign calls on funding to the prevention of violence against women and family violence to be appreciably increased. “While a commitment has been made to prevention, we know that if we are to truly end violence against women, government needs to significantly increase this investment. Global evidence suggests this spend needs to sit at 10% of the amount allocated to response. The current commitment falls well short of this” says GEN Vic Convenor, Kristine Olaris. The campaign insists that this include recurrent funding for women’s health services in their lead role in Regional Partnerships to prevent of violence against women.

“GEN VIC can support the achievement of these important election demands. GEN VIC ensure that women’s voices are integral to policy, legislation and services. We facilitate partnerships and collaboration and deliver and support evidence-informed action to advance equity, promote health and prevent violence. This is why we are calling on adequate, sustained funding for GEN VIC” says Olaris.

The 100-day advocacy campaign will amplify the voices of women throughout the community and bring to the forefront the issue of gender equity, women’s sexual and reproductive health and the prevention of violence.

“Victoria has made substantial headway to ensuring that all women are equal, healthy and safe. Victorians cannot let that progress slip” says Olaris. “The evidence unequivocally tells us that gender-based inequity has numerous negative health and social impacts for women and for Victoria, and it sets the necessary social context for family violence to occur. That’s why GEN VIC priorities must remain front and centre of the 2018 election”.

A companion website www.vicvotesequity.com provides more detail on the priorities and the 100 day campaign. The Gender Equity Victoria 100-day advocacy campaign will commence today, August the 15th.

Download the Priorities for Victorian Government Action 2018-2021 media release PDF