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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

Support for gender equity this election

Gender Equity Victoria’s (GEN VIC) 100-day campaign #VicVotesEquity began on the 15th of August and runs through until election day. The campaign calls for candidates across all Victorian political parties to pledge their support for GEN VIC’s vision for equality, wellbeing and freedom from violence for every woman and girl in every community of
Victoria. By signing the pledge, candidates demonstrate their commitment to GEN VIC’s Priorities for Government Action 2018-2021: to advance gender equity; promote women’s sexual and reproductive health; prevent violence against women; and support the development of a sustainable peak body.

“The campaign has been a huge success,” said GEN VIC Chair, Kristine Olaris. “Politicians, public figures, service providers, local councillors, business owners and leaders have downloaded, circulated and signed GEN VIC’s Priorities for Victorian Government Action 2018-2020 pledge.”

Amongst this community support are key ambassadors of the campaign. Susan Alberti AC, 2018 Victorian woman of the year, family violence prevention advocate, Rosie Batty, as well as a number of notable public figures such as journalist Maxine McKew, academics Dr Shakira Hussein and Associate Professor Michael Flood, comedian and presenter, Jo Stanley, and Captain of the Western Bulldogs AFL women’s, Katie Brennan are further evidence of the wide support for gender equity initiatives.

Talking about the political support the campaign received, GEN VIC confirms that the enthusiasm of everyday Victorians has been partially reflected in Victorian political parties.

“As it stands, the Labor government has written a letter in support of all of the priorities. The Coalition have also expressed their broad agreement with the priorities. The Greens have come out in full support and Deputy Leader of the Greens, Nina Springle has publically advocated for the ongoing funding of GEN VIC. In addition, select members
of the Reason party have shown their support.”

“We are heartened by this broad cross party support – these matters should be above party politics but must also be backed by funding. While Labor and the Greens have committed to the implementation of the royal commission recommendations, we hope other parties will start making funding commitments. Women make up more than half of the population, and gender equity is an important issue for our whole community.” said Olaris.

“In Victoria substantial headway has been made in recent years towards a society where women are equal, healthy and safe. Victorians cannot let that progress slip. The evidence unequivocally tells us that gender-based inequity has numerous negative health and social impacts for women and for Victoria, and it sets the necessary social context for family violence to occur. Gender equity is a fundamental human right. That’s why GEN VIC priorities must remain front and centre of the 2018 election”.

With a Victorian state election only days away, there is still time for parties to make a stronger commitment to funding the equality, wellbeing and freedom from violence for every women and girl in Victoria.

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