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We're the independent peak body for organisations, practitioners and individuals promoting gender equity in Victoria.

Women’s groups welcome Macklin Report Recommendations

Gender Equity Victoria welcomes the release of the final report of Skills for Victoria’s Growing Economy Review: Future Skills for Victoria (Macklin Report). With the impacts of the pandemic shining light on the inequities in our economy and society – particularly for women – the report is a unique opportunity to recast our skills system to better meet the aspirations and needs of women workers.

Our members recognise the opportunity that lies within TAFE and VET to harness the skills engine room to create real equity in our workforce” said Tanja Kovac, CEO of Gender Equity Victoria. “We welcome the recommendations of the Macklin Report and see deep alignment with our advocacy for a gender equal recovery.

The time is now.” said Kovac “There are significant opportunities across skills, social, and gender policy to create intergenerational change for our workforce, our community and economy. In particular the submission’s recognition of growing jobs in a care economy is an opportunity to lift and invest in a workforce dominated by women and historically under resourced and paid. This is great recognition of a vital sector important to women’s lives” said Kovac.

GEN VIC also strongly welcomes recommendations proposing the creation of local hubs supported by a newly created independent body, Future Skills Victoria.

GEN VIC member Fitted for Work has been advocating for regional women’s jobs hubs to address unemployment and underutilization of women in areas affected by pandemic and the bushfire crisis. It’s great to see the Macklin report align with credible women experts,” said Kit McMahon, Chair of Gender Equity Victoria, and CEO of Women’s Health in the South East.

Bringing together the benefits of the reforms advocated by the Macklin Report and the forthcoming implementation of the Gender Equality Act provides is a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to create an equitable VET system that can work with community and industry to address entrenched gender inequities in our workforce.” Said McMahon

GENVIC member Women’s Health Victoria’s CEO Dianne Hill also welcomed greater professional development for VET sector.

As owners of the first Australian accredited Course in Gender Equity (22521VIC) we know the importance of strong teaching practice to enable the transformational change sought through gender equity education, and we welcome the opportunity for industry to engage with the VDC to provide and support this professional development for the VET sector.

Gender Equity Victoria, in its recently released State Budget Submission, Towards a Gender Equal Recovery, is calling for the investment of $32.58 million to support TAFE to deliver equitable education and training opportunities.

We support the GENVIC State Budget Submission, Towards a Gender Equal Recovery and particularly highlight the importance of the need to bring about sustained cultural change within the VET sector. This change is important in order to ensure that the recommendations made within the Macklin Review can be truly realised by all Victorians, removing gendered constraints and stereotypes that limit career aspirations and educational achievements” said Hill.




Tanja Kovac, CEO GEN VIC, Ph. Mob 0419 910 577, genvic@genvic.org.au

Kit McMahon, Chair GEN VIC, Ph. Mob 0408 250 272, kmcmahon@whise.org.au

Dianne Hill, CEO Women’s Health Victoria, Ph. Mob. 0400 653 649, whv@whv.org.au